Photography & Artist Policies

Please read and observe all guidelines for guests.

Professional photographic portrait sessions require a reservation through the Visitor and Nature Center.

Please pre-approve your preferred location with ED or staff to ensure that there are not scheduled reservations in that section of the arboretum.  Please take all props and equipment with you when you leave. 

You are free to choose your location; however certain venues may be unavailable due to a previously scheduled Arboretum or private events, or routine maintenance.  Please contact the office to determine if there will be outdoor events that day.

Please do not set up within garden beds or disturb plant collections, and please avoid blocking main paths and walkways.

The Arboretum is generally irrigated early in the morning, before opening at 9am, so be mindful that shaded areas may remain damp until mid-morning.

Changing clothes for photo sessions in public bathrooms is prohibited.  Brides, quinceaneras and others must come dressed for their photo shoots.  Rooms can be rented inside the visitor center during normal business hours if clothing changes are required.

Personal photography with cell phone cameras are allowed.

Please Note: All policies subject to change growth update .